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Chillington Hall, Staffordshire  England 
Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England

Circa Date: 1724 rebulild of an earlier house w/1789 alterations

Status: Fully Extant

Special Info / Location/ Date

Special Info
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District Today
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 City / Town / Village
Codsall Wood

Start Date
Completion Date
Circa Date
1724 rebulild of an earlier house w/1789 alterations

The Entrance Façade

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The Entrance Façade
The Entrance Façade
Side Façade
The Staircase Hall
The Drawing Room
The Servants' Bells
The Saloon
The Saloon ceiling and lantern
Saloon Chimneypiece

Designed   West Front of House
Date   Circa 1724
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

Designed   Rebuilt House
Date   Circa 1724
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

Designed   Park

Designed   Saloon, Hall, and Corridor.
Date   1789

Extant / Listed / References

Extant Type
Fully Extant
Extant Details

House Listed As 
Grade I
Gardens Listed As  
Not Listed
Country House:  Yes

Vitruvius Britannicus
Vitruvius Scoticus
J.B. Burke (Burke's Visitation of Seats)
Country Life
CIII, 326, 378, 426, 1948.
J.P. Neale (Neale's Views of Seats)
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Historic Houses Association Member
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HHA/Sotheby's Restoration Award, 2009.

Current Ownership
Current Ownership Type
Individual / Family Trust
Primary Current Ownership Use
Private Home
Current Ownership Use / Details

Seat ("Seat" is loosely defined as any family that occupied the house for a period of 2 years or more)
Today Seat of
Mr. and Mrs. John Giffard; Giffard family here since 1178.
A Past Seat(s) of
Possible (Unsure) Seat of
History / Gardens & Park / Movies

Earlier House(s) / Building(s)
House Replaced By
Built / Designed For
House & Family History
The Giffard family has called Chillington their home since medieval times – the family is one of the few that have a direct link by descent from one of the knights who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066. The present owners, John and Cres Giffard, represent the 29th generation to live there. The family’s distinctive panther crest was awarded to them following a gallant deed of Sir John Gifford in the reign of Henry VIII, who shot a panther that had escaped from a menagerie with his bow and arrow as it was about to pounce upon a woman and child on the Estate. At the center of a great park landscaped by Capability Brown (with one of his largest lakes), the House is still approached via a great oak avenue which marches across two public roads. Today’s house is an early 18th century rebuilding by Francis Smith, onto which the entrance range, with its noble portico and the central top-lit saloon, was added by Sir John Soane. The great saloon, which predates Soane’s famous top-lit banking halls for the Bank of England, together with the Entrance Hall, has recently been superbly restored and redecorated by the Giffard family, forming, with the other main rooms, a splendid gallery of family collections. (We are very grateful to Gareth Williams for this history of Chillington).
Collections This field lists art objects that are currently or were previously in the collection of the house.

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Chillington contains two exceptional Pompeo Batoni portraits and other items acquired on 18th century Grand Tours.

Gardens & Park
Garden, Park, Follies and Outbuildings
The Park was designed by Capability Brown and contains one of his largest lakes (there is a four-mile path around the Lake). The grounds also contain a number of follies, including the Temple and the Sham House, among others.
Chapel & Church

Location for Movies / TV

Author   Gomme, Andor
Year Published   2000
Reference   pg. 157

There are no documents associated with this house.

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