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Marsh Court (Marshcourt), Hampshire  England 
Stockbridge, Hampshire, England

Started 1901
Completed 1905

Status: Fully Extant

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Designed   Added Ballroom to Southeast Wing
Date   1924-26

Designed   Gardens
Date   1901-05

Designed   House for for Herbert Johnson
Date   1901-05

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Vitruvius Britannicus
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J.B. Burke (Burke's Visitation of Seats)
Country Life
XX, 306, 1906. XXXIII, 562 plan, 1913. LXXI, 316, 378 plan, 1932. Sep 13, 2007.
J.P. Neale (Neale's Views of Seats)
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Seat ("Seat" is loosely defined as any family that occupied the house for a period of 2 years or more)
Today Seat of
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Herbert Johnson, 1901-32. Geoffrey Robinson, MP, 1989-99. Stephen Noar, 1999-2007.
Possible (Unsure) Seat of
History / Gardens & Park / Movies

Earlier House(s) / Building(s)
House Replaced By
Built / Designed For
Herbert Johnson
House & Family History
Marsh Court is an E-shaped house built in the Tudor style in 1901-05 by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Herbert Johnson, an Edwardian stockbroker, adventurer, and sportsman. During World War I Mrs. Johnson, at her own expense, operated the House as a 60-bed convalescent home to treat injured troops. Between 1924 and 1926 Lutyens added the Ballroom to Southeast Wing, which was used for the Hursley Hunt balls. In 1932 the Johnson family, adversely effected by the Great Depression, sold Marsh Court, with the new owner using it only for shooting, allowing the House to fall into a state of disrepair. During the Second World War it was used for evacuated children and families. In 1948 Marsh became the Marsh Court School for boys, under headmaster Maurice Wright, later becoming co-educational. In 1989 the next headmaster, Earle Broadbent, declined to sell it to parents for their raised 1 million, instead selling it for 800,000 to Geoffrey Robinson (Labour MP and owner of the "New Statesman" magazine), who converted it back into a family home. In 1999 Robinson sold it for approximately 5-6 million to Stephen Noar, one of the founders of Denplan (sold to PPP Healthcare in 1993) and Chairman of Hippowaste. In May 2007 the house, with 47 acres, was for sale for 13 million.
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Author   Holmes, Michael
Year Published   1986

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